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in brugge? part I


no – i haven’t seen the movie… but I have been lucky enough to visit. I recently went to oversee a series of press checks for a book we designed at the studio. It was one of those projects we will always be thankful to have been a part of, and so was this trip. We traveled to Brugge to print Ask God’s Creatures by Shannon Skokos at Die Keure in Brugge. Ask God’s Creatures is an amazing book written and photographed entirely by Shannon. She is a talented and ambitious young woman. You must check it out here.

The four of us all agreed this was the only time we had seen a full rainbow…it was so big I couldn’t capture it all in my photo. But wow. So incredible.

I’m going to break this story up into two parts. The hotel and the restaurant, and highly recommend both. We were press checking constantly so we didn’t do a ton of sight seeing for me to tell you about, but I do want to suggest both of these places as an absolute must if you ever find yourself in Belgium.



Hotel Montanus is a lovely little boutique hotel located in the middle of the city of Brugge. It has the wonderful feel of a remote bed and breakfast,  but within less than five minutes you can literally walk to the main square for hours of endless fantastic shopping. (Hello, did you know that Zara Home exists?? It. is. awesome.) Believe me, I could drone on about the shopping we got to do the last day but I’m keeping this first post to the hotel recommendation.

Disclaimer: these shots are all from my iphone, pre-blog, so pardon the quality but they’re not too bad.

The style of the hotel is so me… mostly all shades of white, quaint, minimalist and super comfy. This gorgeous old book is there to sign in upon arrival. The downstairs had a tiny bar where they are happy to bring you a cup of coffee or wine, all with a piece (or two!) of chocolate. Everything comes with chocolates and I was certainly not complaining.





The backside of the hotel opens up to a lovely, very European, courtyard with fountains and perfectly groomed gardens. You have no idea you are in the middle of the city. It was so quiet and relaxing. Absolutely perfect.


A few shots below from our quick travels through the city. Brugge is often compared to Venice because much of the city is on the water. It’s one of the oldest cities in the world. There is wonderful charm of the architecture and history. We saw tons of great windmills (photographed by Shannon).







Stacks of press sheets and a plate from the book…


And finally one last breathtaking photo, again by Shannon, on our way to our favorite little town outside of Brugge, Dama.


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  1. LeeAnn Hopkins says:

    Wow! What a fantastic business trip!? The book turned out wonderfully!

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