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wishin, hopin, prayin


i am a graphic designerI know sometimes that seems confusing but that’s who I am first and foremost. Last night I headed to the Wyly Theatre to attend Sappi’s launch of The Standard 5 which is all about Special processes (insert my face here) and of course had to see what was in store. I had the extreme pleasure of listening to a brief interview with two legends of our industry Kit Hindrichs (former Pentagram partner and AIGA medalist) and Jack Unruh (Illustration bad-ass – we like to think of him as the Willie Nelson of illustration). All that said, the event was to benefit Dave Eggers 826 National. 826 National is a nonprofit organization that provides writing and tutoring centers which is amazing but they are all placed in retail locations that are disguised as crazy-fun stores like Pirate (San Francisco) or Superhero Supply (Brooklyn) stores or my person fav The Boring Store (Chicago).  AND WAIT FOR IT… they mentioned that there is a potential for a Texas location. They are considering Austin but we would LOVE to have it here in Dallas. Please Please Please!!! If any one is interested I would gladly band together to make this happen. An amazing cause and so fun. Read more about 826 here or visit their website. What would the Dallas storefront be???? I mean superheros, pirates, big foot, robots, space travel… hmmm. Zombies was a suggestion last night. Think on it folks.

images via here and here



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well hello there – ahem, announcment


today I’m excited to announce… that I’m part of a new collaborative wedding/style blog founded by the uber talented, extremely fabulous Alicia Rico of Bows and Arrows. Style, Photo, Flowers, Paper and anything else we LOVE. ALSO – newsflash, we (not yours truly – the collective we) can hardly contain the excitement of being featured in the Martha Stewart Spring 2012 weddings that hit stands today. Congratulations to Alicia {flower}, Chelsea {paper} and Natalie {photo}!!


:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::  Hello Love!! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Woohoo!! Time for a little celebration of hard work y’all!

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well, what have we got here


the girls moved… So many good times in that house BUT times are a changin’ people. Judy and Jane have left their fun house we did together (by far one of my most favorite projects EVER) to move on to new beautiful homes of their own. Jane above, Judy below. Check out their new homes here and here. It’s impossible not to love their flare.


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now you’ve got my attention


still photographers… venturing into video — it’s a discussion Bret and I have frequently. This just landed in my inbox via Renee Ryner and I have to say A) I’m a fan of Dallas based photographer Fredrik Broden‘s work and B) I think it’s a beautifully shot evolution of his style. Very dramatic and the moment with the mirror seems very him. If you don’t know Broden’s work one of his most notable shots is the cover of the controversial A Million Little Pieces. Enjoy and Happy Friday Friends.

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so this was fun


would not say… I’m a competitive person. I like to work hard and do well but compete? NO. Not my favorite thing to do. I actually avoid it really. But when Hilary at Pulp asked Joslyn and I to “duel” over a work space I thought now that would be interesting. Jos is a dear friend but also I absolutley love her style. Very different from me yet so much the same. We compliment each other well the two of us. SO, I couldn’t wait to see what she pulled! And honestly I love it all, on any given day I would have picked that desk and that lamp for SURE. Check out what we picked right over here. Thanks Beth, Carolina and Hilary!

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have you been outside


just sayin… Happy mid-week friends. Go for a short walk. It’s too lovely to miss.

original image found here. Beautiful series of skys by Eric Cahan. Video below… so gorg.

Sky Series Video from eric cahan on Vimeo.

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i’m not even making this up


i swear… Those are donuts friends. It’s been WAY too long since I’ve written about donuts but now ——- Hypnotic Donuts, formerly operating out of a pizza parlor left it’s north Dallas digs to move near me in East Dallas! Nestled right off Garland Road (all too convenient from my house) and near my other new neighborhood fav Goodfriend – we are in trouble people. I warned you.

images and proof found here and much more below via my iphone.

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life… in a beautiful nutshell. Goodnight all!

source: Claudio Gil on Flickr