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eating out of the palm of their hands

so I’m just going to admit… kind of in this horrible pattern of being overwhelmed with PR emails that are everywhere but Dallas. Honestly most of it’s irrelevant to both of us (meaning you and I) so I delete in mass most of them but every once in a while one or two will sneak through that I have to mention. So of course I was headed out of town last week (AGAIN) and super behind on emails but stumbled on to one about the Palm Springs Modernism Week. Palm Springs is kind of my new interior design bucket list item. I love the mod, glamour with a twinge of relaxed (?) sensation that surrounds the design from their. That said, if it is possible to save your allowance, donate plasma or take your clothes to the consignment store to get your dollars together and GO to the home tour in Palm Springs next year, I say do it. For the love!

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